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This 60 day program provides a framework for achieving optimal health and confidence through a focus on sleep, stress management, nutrition, and fitness. It also includes rules to help develop daily success habits, daily non-negotiable priorities, a method for starting the day with focus and clarity, a nutrition strategy, and a recommended workout structure.


The Fastest Growing And Most Powerful Brotherhood Of Powerful Father Figures In Existence is a group for dads who want support in their role as fathers and feel like they have untapped potential. It is an elite group of fathers who will support each other on their personal and professional missions in life.


Jason Priest, Founder

Jason Priest, the founder of Dad Bod Health and the DISCUSSIONS WITH DADS FACEBOOK GROUP is also a Registered Nurse, Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Performance Coach. 

Jason is extremely passionate about health and wellness and was featured in Men’s Health for his own body transformation after losing 60 pounds.

He spent 6 years working in the ICU at various hospitals, was a Director of Nursing at a Long Term Care facility and spent nearly 10 years doing health and performance coaching and chronic condition management in the corporate wellness setting.

Jason has helped 100’s of men achieve optimal health while reducing their health risks and improving their overall performance and quality of life through our Optimal Performance Coaching Program.

Jason is a husband and a father to 2 amazing sons and considers himself a family man first, but says his passion for helping men get healthy so they can live life to the fullest is a very close second.



Zach Smith

Zach is a certified nutrition consultant with a passion for helping people achieve peak performance through nutrition and fitness.

He has helped people lose thousands of pounds of fat since taking on his personal fitness journey over fifteen years ago.

Through the years of watching his clients develop a new sense of confidence, energy levels, and just a new identity entirely, he is convinced his purpose on Earth is to change as many lives as possible.

Zach believes in the philosophy of being a perpetual student, and is always finding ways to improve in his craft. He is currently expanding his knowledge base by pursuing additional certifications including: personal training, corrective exercise and additional  nutrition certifications.

At the end of the day, Zach is a husband, father, and likes to consider himself “just an average guy with an above average interest in fitness.” He firmly believes anybody, and he truly means anybody, can achieve their fitness goals with the proper guidance and that is what he’s here to prove.

Welcome Home!

If you’re a guy looking to leave the average Dad life behind and become a Powerful Father Figure you’re in the right place. Lose stubborn fat, optimize your health and perform powerfully and consistently every day without sacrificing your favorite foods or valuable family time. Health and fitness are the foundation for better relationships, better finances and a life free from fear and doubt. We’re creating an Army of Powerful Father Figures so welcome home!

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Jason Priest has helped me get closer to the man that I knew was always on the inside. Don’t kid youself, it will take hard work and consistent effort on your part.

Jason worked with me to get to know where I was at in my health and habits. Then he gave me a road map to het where I told him I wanted to go. I told him I was sick of making excuses but I was just plain uneducated. He fixed that. He took the time to explain why the mean plan was set up a certain way. He walked mew through the workout plan and explained how the structure would help me reach my goals.

Jason helped me change fitness from an activity to a lifestyle. If you’re done making excuses and ready to honestly put in the real effort then I’m positive Jason can help you do the same.

Rob Fountain

Jason Priest at Dad Bod Health and his program are 100% legit. I took a huge risk by hiring Jason who lives 5 hours away from me.

The ease of his individual customized program was completed through weekly phone calls and use of an app. Meal plans, workouts, and body stats are all easily tracked through the app. Jason and I became more than a trainer/trainee during our four months together – we became friends and he became a mentor for me.

During the program, I lost 20 pounds, started eating better and got my dad bod toned up which was my goal. I have maintained my weight for four months (the last two of the program and now the two months following the program). I have set new goals for my health and stay in contact with Jason on my progress.

You will NOT regret getting uncomfortable to get your health back so you can enjoy life to the fullest.


My 2020 in a wrap working with Jason, Zach and Anthony.

– 31 pounds lost
– 12.5% body fat lost
– 7.5 inches gained in shoulders
– 6 inches gained in chest (bye man boobs)
Transformation Tuesday:
These swim trunks were snug 6 weeks ago. Thanks for the HIDDEN COSTS Jason Priest.. my favorite kind….retail therapy lol.
Rick Disney


Fatherhood Experience 

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