EP 16 – Discovering your Driving Core Motivators with Natalie Jill

In this episode, Jason interviews Natalie Jill. She is a mother and a Fat Loss Expert turned high performance coach who helps women level up in their lives with her book “Age In Reverse”. She is gifted at helping women uncover their potential and guide them towards their goals and passions.

Natalie Jill has created a globally recognized brand with well over 2.5 million social media followers worldwide, two best selling books, recognition from Forbes, and is considered as one of the top health and wellness influencers in the world. Natalie is a best selling author and has written “Unprocess Your Diet” and “Aging in Reverse”.

Natalie Jill talks about the value of teaching nutrition, setting a clear vision, and making a firm decision about what you truly want. She talks about her past struggles and the challenges she faced that launched her into the woman she is today. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing obesity as an unhealthy lifestyle, and the power of knowing your DCM or Driving Core Motivators. She believes that shifting our beliefs around exercise and defining what progression and intensity means is a step in transforming how we see fitness and health. 


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