3 Shocking Reasons Men Would Rather Watch TV Then Get Laid

Obesity can stunt a healthy sex life by causing lower libido, low self-confidence, and lower energy in men. Weight management can help men turn this around.

Men, Is Your Weight Ruining Your Sex Life?

As a man, you are commonly regarded as the sexual being in the relationship. It can feel surprising, then, when you notice yourself choosing to relax in front of the TV over having sex night after night. While you may not be disengaged from sex intentionally, it can cause a strain for both you and your partner. While the two may not seem related, your lower sex drive may be caused by excess weight. If you find that you can relate to any of the following three symptoms, it may be time to focus on weight loss and change your health for good.

You are experiencing low libido

Excess belly fat has been linked to a lack of testosterone and has been shown to interfere with the production of other sex hormones. It can even decrease blood flow to the pelvic region. This can cause your natural desire for sex to diminish over time.

You notice that you have low self-confidence

Whether you are a dad or not, you likely do not feel the sexiest if you are rocking a “dad bod.” If you do not feel good when you look in the mirror, that can translate to your sex life. Feeling less than sexy can make sex difficult to enjoy and can make you eventually stop wanting it.

You have less energy

Being a worker, a partner, and a father while juggling other responsibilities can be tiring even on a good day. With a few extra pounds to carry around your energy may be zapped sooner than you realize. Extra weight makes you feel sluggish, reduces your quality of sleep, and causes joint pain. You may have every intention of having sex when you get home, but find you are too tired more often than not. If you see yourself in the symptoms above and are looking for a way to jump-start your weight loss journey, consider my 28-day fat loss program which can help you ditch the dad bod and get into your ideal physical shape.

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