5 Exercises All Men Can and Should Be Doing

Often times when men are thinking about getting active it can be overwhelming. I remember when I was 60 pounds overweight and had no idea where to start. I hated the thought of intense exercise because I just wasn’t ready for it. In my mind I needed a way to ease myself into a workout routine and have something I didn’t hate thinking about. Here are 5 exercises all men can and should be doing when starting their fitness journey.

  1. Body weight squats: These are a fantastic exercise and can even be modified for those with knee problems or limitations. Our legs have some of our largest muscles so these are great for burning calories and building up lower body strength. When done correctly they also engage the core which is extremely important for general health and well-being. A modified version known as wall sits is also a great exercise. With wall sits the exerciser sits against a wall and holds this position for a short period of time.
  2. Push-ups: These are one of the most well known exercises and for good reason. They are great for building chest and upper body strength but also engage the core which again is extremely important. The stronger our core the better chance we have at having a healthy back.
  3. Planks: Core strength is something I have highlighted with the first two exercises and planks are certainly one exercise that emphasizes core strength. The great thing about planks is that even total beginners can start by doing short plank holds of 10-15 seconds. As with any exercise, consistency is key and most people would be shocked at how quickly their core strength improves.
  4. Walking: Walking is one of the absolute best forms of exercise and something just about anyone can do. Walking is a great place to start for beginners because it has a very low risk for injury and there is lots of room to challenge your body. Speed walking and interval walking can be done by more experienced exercisers and is great for cardiovascular health.

Ultimately getting started is the most important part but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Taking immediate action with some basic but highly effective exercises is a great place to start. I have provided you with 5 exercises all men can and should be doing. Building consistency into an exercise routine is a challenge for many people but taking it at your own pace with exercises that carry a low risk for injury is certainly a wise approach. This is one thing we emphasize in The MAN UP Community. Members have all the tools needed to go at it at their own pace while having the support and accountability from an amazing group of men. Ready to join and see what it is all about? Click here to join: Join The MAN UP Community

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