Are You Sick and Tired of Your Wife Playing With Your Moobs?

Parenthood doesn’t mean you have to look like a dad. You can have a great physique at any stage of life with some effort.

Transform Your Dad Bod Into a Rad Bod

Becoming a parent changes almost everything about you. It affects your outlook, your lifestyle, and your priorities. However, being a dad doesn’t have to change your body. Weight management gets harder as we age, but it’s still possible to trade in your dad bod for a hot, new model when you know how.

Why Getting in Shape Is Harder for Fathers

There’s plenty of information out there about moms and post-baby bodies, and that’s understandable. However, fathers tend to get a little doughy around the middle, too, especially after 40. There are several reasons why getting into shape, or maintaining the body you had, is difficult for men after the kids arrive. Men have a lot less time to focus on their bodies and much better ways to spend their time than hanging out at the local gym. They’re more likely to be involved in their children’s activities than their own. Men approaching middle age are also more likely to be dealing with injuries from their youth. That means longer recovery times and more aches and pains post-workout. Before you get discouraged and sink into a pile of burgers, beer, and obesity, there’s some good news: You can be the hottest head of household on the block, and it’s easier than you think.

Working Out Smarter Is What Gets Results

The key to weight loss isn’t going on a bland diet that’s hard to follow or taking up a complicated routine. It’s about getting back to the basics with simple strength training. Men begin to lose lean muscle after about the age of 30, and that loss of tone and mass accelerates with each passing decade. That doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. Fitness after 40 means changing how you work out. You have less time to dedicate to fitness, so your workouts really have to count. Increase the amount of protein you consume, eat fewer carbs, and target your weight training to one area per day with a recovery day in between. Use free weights rather than circuits, adding them to basic exercises like squats and lunges. Instead of adding reps when the weights become too light, add weight. Your total workout time should take up no more than 30 minutes per day. In the end, the best workout program is one that you can stick to because it gets results without sacrificing your taste buds.

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