Terrible Daily Routines

Wait!!!! Before you leave the house eat something! Have some water! Do something! Ugggghhhh…. you skipped breakfast again and all you’ve had so far today is coffee. Does this sound like you? Are you frustrated as hell with the way you look and feel?


I often say awareness is the most important factor when it comes to health. Those who are aware have all the ammunition they need in order to make change. The choice is then up to the individual.
Those who aren’t aware must first gain awareness in order to create change. The sad part is some people go long periods of time without being aware.

Time Waits for No One

Read this until the end. You’re lying in bed with your eyes closed. You’re daydreaming about something of minimal importance. You open your eyes occasionally and realize responsibility awaits. But you keep coming back to this “thing” that is of minimal importance. You get up and decide to face the day.