EP 10 – Mental Clarity, Showing Up and Finding Your Mission with Tomas Keenan

In this episode, Jason interviews Tomas Keenan, a proud father of 3 and the epitome of technician turned CEO. He is the co-founder of Top Class Installations, an industry leading GPS tracking and dashboard camera installation provider. Tomas Keenan shares with us the importance of having mental clarity, showing up, and finding your mission.

His expertise have put him on the pages of top industry magazines, blogs and podcasts. Tomas is the author of Unf*ck Your Business: Stop Business Self-sabotage by Getting Clear on Your Core Values NOW. He states that his key to success is making progress everyday, no matter how small it is. 

Tomas talks about his morning routine, the impact of prioritizing fitness in his life, and how this allowed him to create a stronger relationship with his family and his health. He shares with us the importance of showing up every single day and being committed to yourself. As a father and a businessman, he discusses some of the challenges he went through in the past, and the events which eventually led him to his success, his ultimate purpose and his very mission in life. 

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