EP 102 – Winners Announced!

In this episode, Jason announces the winners of the giveaways from the 100th episode! The winners will get a chance to win either: a 1 hour of coaching call, a Mandara CBD product of your choice, 5 ICON meals delivered to you, or a Dad Bod Health shirt and coffee mug. Tune into this episode to see if you won! Winners must email jason@dadbodhealth.com or message Jason on social media to claim your prize.

Jason shares the comical story of how he recently got a gnarly black eye. Jason comes full circle in this episode by reiterating the 4 Core Pillars of Health. He reminds listeners, “Mindset really impacts everything you do. Until you have that under control, it’s going to be difficult to make progress.” For more mindset and lifestyle tips check out Jason’s FREE new Facebook Group – Discussions with Dads: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DiscussionsWithDads/


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