EP 140 – Brain Tumor to Brain Shift with Rick Disney

In this episode, Jason and Zach interview Rick Disney! He has had an incredible journey in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and it is not over yet. Rick Disney shares his experience from the beginning to where he is now. How the events of loss, a brain tumor, and a car accident lead to him starting his health journey.  The way in which he has managed to lose 118 pounds in under a year. He also gets into detail about the way he’s been able to continue his health journey without sacrificing the foods he loves.  

Rick Disney is part of the Dad Bod Health community. He has had an amazing journey going from 386 pounds to 268 pounds. A 118 pound loss in just under 8 months. An uncomfortable trip to the zoo in scorching weather was the pinnacle event of his past lifestyle. After a car accident that was followed by multiple surgeries Rick decided it was time for his life to change. 

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