EP 18 – Being Purposeful and Going Back to the Basics with Jon Paramore

In this episode, Jason interview Jon Paramore, an entrepreneur, and the owner & founder of Smash. He talks about the importance of being purposeful and going back to the basics by simplifying your life. 

Jon tells us the importance of leading your family powerfully, and how your actions can ultimately impact your children. He talks about the dangers and implications of obesity, whether you’re an adult or a child. In life, we were all given one body, and it’s our job to honor that. 

Jon also reminds us that it’s important to love the pain that you go through because you will eventually seek the rewards of your struggles. He believes that you shouldn’t force your children into a lifestyle, but simply teach them to become conscious and aware, so that they can also strive towards a healthy life and become the best versions of themselves.


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