EP 195 – Strategies to Improve Your Mental Health

Today’s show is a follow up conversation on the topic of mental health that was started a couple of weeks ago! 

Jason and Zach unpack some vital information about mental health. They dive into five reasons most people tend to be anxious or depressed these days and explain why stress management is necessary for mental health. They also bring several issues to light and share easy-to-apply strategies to boost you and help you walk an unobstructed path to a happier and healthier life as you move forward into the future! 

You will not want to miss this episode if you’re a man who wants to grow, change your life, improve your mental health, and become the best possible version of yourself! Stay tuned for more!

Show highlights:

  • The four core pillars of health.
  • How consistent stress management ties into mental health.
  • If you think you’re addicted to chaos, you are already in too deep!
  • Zach shares the top five daily challenges most men face that could cause anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues.
  • If you cannot change things immediately, use gratitude to change how you perceive the situation.
  • If you are unhappy with your job, start exploring options for the future so you can live your best life!
  • Cut anyone who pulls you back out of your life and only surround yourself with winners and those that push you forward.
  • Keep on learning new things and developing your existing skills. 
  • How will working out physically help your mental health?
  • Become intentional about your life. Develop your boundaries and learn to say no. (Even when it comes to social media.)
  • Ask for help when necessary- even if it’s hard to do.

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