EP 197 – Optimize Your Metabolism, Health, and Hormones for a Life Full of Energy, Strength, and Vitality with Dr. Eric Fete 

We have an awesome interview today with fitness physician Dr. Eric Fete!

Dr. Eric is a health and performance optimization physician who helps people over forty optimize their metabolism, health, and hormones so that they can live a life full of energy, strength, and vitality. 

Dr. Eric has always been interested in science and learning how the human body works. After completing med school, he spent some time as an ER doctor. He started seeing more and more overweight people in their thirties and forties with conditions that could be prevented with a better lifestyle, like diabetes and hypertension. So he started looking into the anti-aging space and got into hormone optimization and hormone replacement therapy. From there, he expanded into functional medicine, longevity, and genetics and kept learning more. He joins Jason today to talk about how he helps people live longer, get stronger, and live fuller and healthier lives!

If you are a man who wants to live a more energetic life, get stronger, and experience increased vitality as you get older, this is an episode you won’t want to miss! Stay tuned for more!

Show highlights:

  • How did Dr. Eric get to where he is today?
  • Much of what Dr.Eric says on social media gets banned or taken down. Yet he is telling the truth!
  • Dr. Eric explains how your biological age can stay the same or even reverse as you age chronologically.
  • Dr. Eric dives into some of the external factors that do not often get mentioned and play a role in us not living our optimal lives.
  • Mindset is everything! It is crucial to understand that your inner world creates your outer world.
  • Getting enough sleep and managing stress are both fundamental to good health.
  • How does soil depletion impact the quality of our food?
  • Be proactive and live your life with intention! It takes work, but it is definitely worth it!
  • Testosterone can get boosted naturally, so hormone replacement therapy is not always necessary.
  • Traditional medicine does not allow doctors enough time to ask the questions they need to ask their patients. 
  • Dr. Eric offers advice on hormone replacement therapy.

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