EP 199 – How to Be Your Best, Even During Challenging Times with Johnny Sirpilla

We have an awesome interview with Johnny Sirpilla today! 

Johnny is a legend in the RV industry. He is the owner of many businesses, the Founder of Encourage LLC, and the author of Life is Hard But I’ll Be Okay: The Power of Hope, Emerging Through Pain and Learning to Live with Gratitude. He is a member of numerous boards and a professional speaker to businesses, communities, and universities about managing thoughts, leading yourself to make productive choices, and framing each challenge in your life as an opportunity for more self-reflection and growth.

Johnny has been a Dad for 27 years! In the early years of parenthood, he could see himself as a dad but somehow struggled with the biological aspect. So fatherhood came to him with a lot of anxiety. Since then, he has learned to use anxiety in his favor to have a good outcome. He talks to Jason about his parents, reinventing his life at fifty, and what motivated him to write his book. He also speaks about finding hope again after a tragic loss and offers advice for men going through a tough time in their lives. 

Stay tuned to hear Johnny’s perspective on life, and learn how to become the best man you can be, even if you are going through a challenging time right now!

Show highlights:

  • Johnny’s book focuses on mental health and getting the mind right.
  • Johnny was raised by loving and committed parents who expected their children to honor the family name with integrity, honesty, character, and hard work. 
  • His parents planted a seed in him that gave him the wisdom to seek help when his life fell apart. His book is about those struggles.
  • How Johnny became a legend in the RV industry.
  • Why he decided to change his life, and reinvent himself after fifty. 
  • Johnny tells the story behind his book and shares his take on mental health.
  • Learning to reframe your thoughts is a powerful practice. 
  • The importance of incorporating gratitude into your life.
  • How Johnny and his wife found hope again after their tragic loss.
  • How he managed to ignore the outside voices that were messing with him when he became a dad.
  • Some advice for dads struggling with their inner demons.
  • Johnny talks about the beautiful thing he did to remind all his children that they are a gift and how blessed he is to know them.
  • Why do you have to be the top priority in your life if you want to be there for others?

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