EP 200 – The Truth About Why You Can’t Keep Weight Off

We bring you another awesome episode today and continue with our four-part series on the four pillars of health!

At The Fatherhood, we are about helping men leave the average dad life behind and become the ultimate role model for their families! Today, we give a shout-out to Dave Fenske, who has just become a living example of that! Dave has lost 101 pounds and is now well on his way to living a life he only ever dreamed of! He has also acquired all the tools he needs to become a great example to his family by maintaining his weight loss over the long term!

Losing weight is not that hard. Keeping it off is the real challenge! Today, Jason and Zach talk about nutrition and maintaining weight loss. They also go over the four core pillars of health and dive into the four pillars of The Fatherhood.  

This episode is for you if you want to fix your mindset, lose the weight you want to lose, keep it off, and become the best man you can be! Stay tuned for more!

Show highlights:

  • Why are most diets not sustainable for the long term?
  • Dave never thought he was the kind of guy to diet, count calories, or restrict himself. Jason and Zach explain how their approach to nutrition makes losing weight so easy! 
  • To keep weight off, you have to find a diet that is the right fit for you. 
  • What is The Fatherhood’s Optimal Nutrition Protocol about, and how does it help men keep weight off?
  • Jason talks about what he loves most about The Fatherhood’s approach to nutrition.
  • Good health starts in the mind.
  • How does The Fatherhood’s system help you keep the weight you lost off?
  • Everybody loses weight at their own pace.
  • The process of losing weight can be very mentally and psychologically draining. Zach and Jason explain why The Fatherhood’s program makes weight-loss sustainable.
  • Making your health a priority will make you a better man and a better dad!

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