EP 203 – Sleep, Stress and How to Really Get Better

We are completing our series on the four pillars of health today with an exciting episode to help you get better in your life!

We dive deep into sleep and stress in this episode. Zach and Jason share strategies for improving your life with better quality sleep and less stress, and they tie it all together in the landscape of the crazy world we all have to deal with right now! 

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for men who want to live a better life! You will not want to miss this episode if you’re a dad who wants to be the best you can be and become the ultimate role model your family deserves! Stay tuned to find out how to dial into sleep and stress and start living the life you want!

Show highlights:

  • Have gratitude for your little kids – even when they keep you up at night because you will miss those childhood moments later on!
  • It is easy to get fixated on fitness and fancy diets. Yet sleep is the best strategy for losing weight.
  • If you don’t get enough sleep, and your stress is high, your workouts will suffer.
  • Mindset plays a massive role in becoming a better leader and developing personal excellence.
  • Andy Frisella points out that working on yourself is one thing you have within your control to ensure you get better each day.
  • Men should consider each of the four categories that impact daily health (sleep, stress, nutrition, and fitness) as a supplement to their health. Treat every single component equally if you want it to become a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Don’t rely on your workout to be the driving force in your life. Focus on the things that count, like sleep hygiene and eating well.
  • Be the number one priority in your life, and make time for yourself so that others can get the best version of you.
  • Be brutally honest with yourself about the amount of sleep you are getting.
  • Jason shares a simple strategy for getting enough sleep.
  • Zach explains what happens to you hormonally when your sleep quality and quantity are low.
  • Why is not taking care of yourself the most selfish thing you can do?
  • Jason explains why you must never allow yourself to become consumed by all the craziness in the world today.
  • Always address the stress in your life and practice gratitude.

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