EP 204 – Building a Legacy for Your Family with EksAyn Anderson

Today, we have a super-inspiring interview with EksAyn Anderson!

EskAyn is a husband, father, speaker, and author. He has been seen on Forbes, Speaker Magazine, and TV and has featured in various blogs and podcasts. Through his powerful message and compelling story, EksAyn hopes to help people improve the relationships in their lives so that they may have a beautiful legacy. His new book, What I Want My Children to Know Before I Die, was released in May 2022.  

As an eight-year-old, EksAyn watched his mother die after a cerebral hemorrhage. That affected him deeply. Many of the little things she did for him when he was five or six still affect him profoundly today. Those things affect his children too, even though his mom never met them. Now, his mission is to help parents realize how much the tiny things they do for their kids affect them.

EksAyn tries to live his life as fully, honestly, and authentically as possible. He talks about what he hopes to pass on to his children, how the choices we make today will live on, why parents need to lead by example, and why some generational trends must get stopped at the father’s level. 

A solid, healthy, and productive society revolves around family. This episode is a must for you if you want to be the ultimate role model for your family and leave the world a better place when you go. Stay tuned for more!

Show highlights:

  • EksAyn shares his sad yet inspiring backstory.
  • The influence parents have in their homes will continue to affect future generations for centuries.
  • EksAyn gives examples of choices made by his ancestors that will continue affecting future generations. 
  • EksAyn can still feel his mother’s influence. Knowing she wanted him to be who he was, gives him strength. 
  • The importance of parents leading by example.
  • Why must some generational trends be stopped at the father’s level? 
  • EksAyn talks about his motivation for writing his book. 
  • Jason shares scary statistics related to fatherless homes.
  • Almost all the problems in our society start in the home.
  • Why is it so hard for us to change after a certain age?
  • EksAyn discusses the most effective way to shape human behavior.
  • How to be a tough dad and still be positive.
  • EksAyn shares what he wants his children to know before he dies.
  • Small decisions can be a big deal.
  • How to lead your feelings. 

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The Power of Positive Parenting by Glen Latham

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and John David Mann

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