EP 205 – Answers to Your Top Questions About Men’s Health

We have another fantastic episode for you today! 

Zach and Jason unpack some great stuff and do something they have never done before! They had their team look up data related to men’s health and fitness, and then they compiled a list of seven of the most commonly searched topics, terms, and phrases. 

In this episode, they dive into the seven most searched-for topics, break them down and discuss which are valid and which are not, starting with those that get searched for the least and ending with the topic that gets searched for most frequently.

You won’t want to miss this episode if you would like to lose weight, speed up your metabolism, and build more lean muscle! Stay tuned to hear about the seven most commonly searched topics related to health and fitness for men!

Show highlights:

  • Water helps the body eliminate waste and toxins more efficiently.
  • There are many benefits to drinking mostly water.
  • Chemical reactions are happening in our bodies all the time, and water is the foundation of all of them.
  • Weight loss is about calories and necessarily about water.
  • The best ways to boost your testosterone.
  • What happens to your testosterone if you don’t manage your stress?
  • The most effective way to speed up your metabolism.
  • Metabolism is dynamic. Jason explains how that impacts how many calories you burn.
  • Why is there no one weight loss program that works best for everyone?
  • Things you need to take into account when looking for a personalized weight-loss program you can follow for life.
  • Why are you sure to get ripped off when you buy any fat-burner, pill, or potion?
  • Foods that work best for fat-burning and weight loss.
  • There is evidence to prove that eating ultra-processed foods causes more weight gain than eating unprocessed foods.
  • Where do men generally lose fat from first?
  • You cannot lose your love handles without getting leaner.

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