EP 207 – Keep Making Excuses or Start Building Your Confidence: Which Will You Choose?

We’re bringing you another awesome episode today!

Do you want to keep making excuses, or would you like to start building your confidence?  

In life, you can either have results or excuses. They are inverse characteristics, so it’s impossible to have both simultaneously. In today’s short, sweet, and powerful episode, Zach and Jason dig down deep, dive into excuses versus confidence, and break down the most effortless way to start increasing your confidence. 

Building confidence starts on the inside. Stay tuned to find out how to grow your confidence and gain the momentum you need to become the ultimate role model for your family and the best dad you can be!

Show highlights:

  • Are you an excuse-maker, or are you the type to make moves?
  • Jason and Zach each define their idea of what confidence is.
  • What is the only way to build external confidence?
  • What you have to do to start building your internal confidence.
  • Jason explains what motivated him to start reading again.
  • In its simplest form, confidence is your mindset.
  • The choice you need to make to start building confidence.
  • What happens when you keep on lying to yourself?
  • Why do men lose confidence when they fail to take credit for their wins?
  • How to reduce the pressure related to your health and fitness. 
  • Some tips for prioritizing progress over perfection and developing the habit of taking credit for your victories.
  • It all starts with a choice. Then you have to keep going, taking one step at a time.

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