EP 208 – How To Fight For Your Personal Freedoms with Jeff Bermant

We have a fantastic interview with Jeff Bermant today!

Jeff Bermant is an entrepreneur with a deep love of America! He is the founder of the Tusk browser, the free speech browser that fights censorship and defends freedom of speech for conservatives. Jeff is the right person at the right time in history to effect change in defending America’s right to freedom of speech with Tusk.

Becoming the most elite version of yourself comes through fitness, family, finance, and freedom. Jeff joins us today to talk about freedom from a political angle. We dive into some burning issues around the woke agenda that is currently being pushed onto society and discuss where we are headed if people fail to wake up.

Freedom is no longer a conservative versus liberal issue. Whether you are in the left lane or the right, we hope you will open your mind to what we discuss today. 

Stay tuned to find out why you have to step up as a dad and start leading your family by example and why freedom of speech is critical in our country right now!

Show highlights:

  • How did the Tusk browser come about?
  • Jeff explains what the 1619 Project is and shares his take on it.
  • Jason believes are no longer facing a Republican versus Democrat issue. We are facing freedom versus communism or fascism. 
  • Why does Zach feel that Biden is unfit to be the commander-in-chief, and why do we need a fresh start?
  • Now, more than ever, dads need to step up and lead their families by example.
  • Today, parents have no say in the gender ideology their children get indoctrinated with at school.
  • What does it mean to lead by example?
  • Dads need to wake up and get more actively involved in their children’s education.
  • Jeff explains why he built a search engine and jumped into advocating for freedom of speech.
  • Parents should be educating kids about gender orientation, not schools.
  • Getting our country back starts at home and with our communities. 
  • Corrupt elections can easily cause everything to spiral out of control.
  • Jeff explains how America is being hoodwinked.

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