EP 209 – Dad Life Struggles and Time Management

We have another awesome episode for you today!

Many dads are finding it hard to cope with the difficulties they encounter in our current day and age. Jason and Zach dive into the struggles of dad life in this episode. They discuss time management, making yourself a priority, and various ways to overcome the challenges and hardships many dads are facing today.

This episode is a must for you if you want to learn how to navigate the trials of life with ease and become the best and most elite version of yourself! 

Stay tuned to learn some simple, healthy, and effective strategies for clearing the path ahead as you lead your family forward!

Show highlights:

  • Some men’s struggles are excuses because they lack the right strategies to accomplish what they have to do.
  • How looking at the situations of others can be used as a positive tool.
  • Your family needs you! So work on yourself first to take control of your life and lead your family towards long-term success.
  • Making money is NOT the only way for you to be there for your kids.
  • Zach and Jason share some strategies for coping and taking care of yourself when your life feels too busy. 
  • Managing your time will help you cope with life’s challenges.
  • Jason shares his tactical approach to getting all his daily high-priority items done.
  • What can you do to avoid getting out of shape and becoming a side-line dad?
  • Zach offers his perspective to dads who use time as an excuse for why they are not doing what they need to do to get healthy and fit.
  • The difference between spending quantity and quality time with your kids.
  • How your family will benefit from you carving out 20-30 minutes, a few times a week, to get yourself in better shape.
  • Zach shares a tactical approach to living a healthier and more fulfilling family life.
  • It takes discipline and education to manage your stress, gain control of your eating habits, and become better at what you do. 

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