EP 212 – How Dads Can Help Fight Childhood Obesity

This show is going to hit hard and make you think! 

Childhood obesity is a persistent problem in our country. Statistics show that forty percent of American children are obese before they reach high school. 

We all know how mean kids at school can be! Obese kids come up against tons of external pressure from having to take their nasty comments and ruthless remarks. Jason and Zach know what it’s like to be overweight because they have both been there! In this episode, they break down the chronic issue of obesity in children, share their insights, and dive into ways to turn bad habits around.

This episode is a must for you if you want to rise above average, be a leader in your life, and become the ultimate role model for your family! Stay tuned for more!

Show highlights:

  • Changing bad habits get increasingly more difficult as you get older.
  • Zach shares the latest CDC stats on obesity in children.
  • Why big pharma does not want people to make lifestyle changes and get healthy.
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring that their kids do not fall into the mean category.
  • A father’s role goes way beyond just providing. 
  • How dads can lead by example to show their kids what greatness looks like.
  • Childhood obesity starts at home. 
  • If your habits are good and healthy, you will not become overweight or obese.
  • The psychological issues that fat kids have to deal with.
  • What does bullying lead to, ultimately?
  • Why parents are failing the nation by allowing their children to become obese.
  • Is telling the truth about obesity that bad?
  • Why is it impossible to feel good about yourself as a dad if you are obese?

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