EP 214 – What The Health?

Did you know that changing your mindset and perception can stop your depressed or anxious feelings and allow you to cope with adversity without any meds?

Big Pharma plays a huge part in our medical system, and medications are often over-prescribed. That's why it is crucial to get yourself together, lose weight, become active, and cut the sugar if you want to avoid getting trapped in the system and taking tons of meds you may not even need!

We are changing things up today and introducing a different format to bring our listeners a fresh new perspective! In this fun episode, Jason and Zach dive into three current, informative, and thought-provoking health-related online news articles. They break them down, debunk the myths, and share their insights on various health-related topics.

You will not want to miss this show if you are a dad looking for ways to get healthier and better and lead your family in the best way possible! Stay tuned to find out how to improve your health and fitness, change your mindset, and build the mental fortitude you need to get off your anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications.

Show highlights:

  • Jason dives into the global breakdown of anti-depressant users.
  • Zach shares his perspective on why the American population has the world's highest percentage of anti-depressant users.
  • How do doctors benefit from people with depression or anxiety?
  • Members of the Fatherhood have managed to get off anti-anxiety and anti-depressant meds by fixing their mindset and building mental fortitude.
  • What can you do to change your mindset and build mental fortitude?
  • The symptoms of actual depression.
  • Can increasing your daily step count reduce the risk of sleep apnea, obesity, and chronic diseases?
  • Why do you need to understand the difference between correlation and causation?
  • Will less than five hours of sleep a night increase the risk of dementia and diabetes?
  • Why getting enough quality sleep is so important.

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