EP 215 – Creating a Marriage You Want to Be In with Ryan and Blair Critch

Marriage is a fun journey, but it has its ups and downs. Couples sometimes drift apart, and marriages fail for many different reasons.

Ryan and Blair Critch are on a mission to help couples build better relationships. They created a free Marriage Movement community on Facebook to help married couples solidify and strengthen their relationships and grow together as couples.

Life was amazing for Blair and Ryan when they got married! Ryan was making tons of money, and Blair loved her job as a teacher! Over the next five years, they built a successful house rental business with ten properties. Then the financial crisis hit in 2008, and they lost everything! So Ryan did what he thought was the manly thing but ended up addicted to opiates. 

Don’t miss this episode if you’re growing apart instead of closer together in your marriage! Tune in to find out how Blair and Ryan saved their marriage after overcoming financial and emotional bankruptcy, and learn how their Marriage Movement can help you repair and strengthen your relationship. 

Show highlights:

  • Ryan and Blair share their story.
  • How Ryan and Blair repaired their marriage after losing everything they had.
  • Why Blair decided to stay when everyone else told her to leave.
  • How communication allowed Ryan and Blair to heal their broken marriage.
  • Why you need to start changing yourself before you can change your relationship.
  • Why journaling is so important.
  • How intimacy improves when you become physically fit.
  • The importance of scheduling quality time together, communicating, and learning how your partner receives love.
  • Why do you have to make yourself the top priority in your life?
  • How gratitude will change your attitude.
  • Having a structured morning routine is essential for living a better life.
  • What are the love languages?

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Books mentioned:

Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place by Andy Crouch

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

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