EP 217 – Growing Into Your Best Life

Growing up rich does not always mean being raised with lots of money! 

Dean Inniss joins us today. He is the Managing Partner at Your Best Life Now, a company with values that align closely with the four core pillars of the Fatherhood Experience. 

Your Best Life Now is an organization helping people to elevate finance, family, fitness, and faith to maximize their best life through coaching, community, and exclusive once-in-a-lifetime experiences! Dean’s unique background of business experience, law enforcement, martial arts training, and economic analysis gives him a rare perspective that enables him to successfully guide entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other top executives to new heights! 

Dean grew up in a loving family that had very little money. In this episode, he shares what he learned from growing up poor, and we talk about getting more involved with your children’s education, the value of diversity, what being a responsible father looks like, and what it takes to raise a family in a healthy environment with rich values.

You will not want to miss this episode if you’re a man looking to get more involved with your children. Stay tuned to learn how to get more engaged as a father and provide for your family while protecting them against all the craziness in the world today!

Show highlights:

  • Why Dean feels lucky to have had the parents he had.
  • What community service means to Dean.
  • Why do children need to see their dads showing their moms love and respect?
  • How fathers can become more involved with their children’s education.
  • What Dean learned from growing up poor.
  • How to inform your children, set their expectations, give them tools, and become a more engaged father.
  • Why must you encourage your kids to care for each other when things get tough?
  • Dean discusses his company’s approach to elevating people.
  • Why is neglecting yourself selfish?
  • What happens if you keep on chasing material wealth but neglect everything else?
  • How you can benefit from embracing the trauma and adversity in your life.
  • How to regard money so that it never gets the best of you.

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