EP 219 – Avoiding Complacency

Are you struggling to get yourself going in life? Or is your success weighing you down? Either way, this episode will make you think! It will also make you ponder your next steps in life! 

It’s easy to become complacent and lift your foot off the gas- especially when you taste some success in your life! Jason and Zach experienced complacency when things they tried to do failed to pan out and when they achieved their goals! Today, they dive into ways to avoid complacency in your life and your approach to health and fitness. They share some inside information on how they fought through their complacency and offer tips and strategies to help you do the same. 

You will not want to miss this episode if you are tired of being overwhelmed and frustrated and looking for a better way of life! Stay tuned to learn why complacency happens and how to steer clear of it! 

Show highlights:

  • Why complacency happens.
  • How human nature leans toward complacency.
  • How our bodies respond to stress and benefit from adversity.
  • Why three out of every four Americans are overweight.
  • Why do so many men find it hard to ask for help?
  • It takes support to lift yourself out of complacency.
  • What led the old Zach to become complacent and gain weight?
  • How excuses lead to complacency.
  • How it all stems back to focus and self-awareness.
  • How can bad decisions throw us off our destinations?
  • How to start course-correcting.

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