EP 221 – Leveling Up After a Divorce with Andy Heller

The break-up of a marriage can be a truly traumatic experience.

Andy Heller joins Jason for today's podcast. He helps and supports men going through a divorce, but he is a successful businessman and not a divorce professional like a divorce attorney, mediator, therapist, or co-parenting counselor. Among his professional achievements, Andy has co-authored two bestselling real estate investment books in the 2000s. While his books were well-received, he had no interest in writing another until he lived through his own divorce.  

Andy enjoys nothing more than teaching people and assisting men in navigating a divorce. He joins Jason today to tell his story, explain how his book came about, and discuss how his book can make divorce much easier for others. He also shares some valuable tips and strategies from his real-life divorce experience.

You will not want to miss this episode if you are currently experiencing marital problems or going through a divorce. Tune in to find out how to level up in your life after getting a divorce, and remain an important part of your children's lives.  

Show highlights:  

  • Andy discusses the structure of his book and explains how it differs from all the other books on divorce.
  • Why Andy looks at divorce as an experiential journey.
  • How to figure out whether or not divorce is the only option.
  • What can get done to reverse the high divorce rate in our country?
  • Steps to take to ensure your children's lives are as well-adjusted as possible after a divorce.
  • The challenge Andy faced in remaining part of his children's lives and being an involved dad.
  • Some tips for overcoming toxic difficulties just after a divorce.
  • Why is it essential to focus on and list your non-negotiable divorce goals?
  • Why do you need to focus on taking unilateral steps to make co-parenting easier?
  • Some sterling advice for dads looking to get back into the dating game.
  • Some tips for making co-parenting as successful as possible.

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