EP 222 – Mental Strength and Pivoting

The holiday season is finally upon us! 

Even though it’s a lot of fun spending the holidays catching up with family and friends, this can also be a challenging time of year for many of us. 

It’s hard to lift yourself out of a slump and work through your mental demons when you choose to overeat and drown your sorrows rather than do the things that serve you. In this episode, Jason and Zach dive into taking responsibility and making the right choices while living life on your own terms over the holiday season.

You won’t want to miss this episode if you’re a guy looking to improve in every area of your life. Stay tuned to find out how to stay sharp, positively impact your life while also feeling good, quit being a victim, and avoid overindulging during the holidays!

Show highlights:

  • Dealing with the downs of the holidays.
  • Why do people gain so much weight during the holiday season?
  • Managing your mental health challenges with the choices you make.
  • Why should you only drink alcohol when you’re happy?
  • Why do you need to prioritize your logical internal decision-making process rather than succumbing to a heightened emotional state?
  • Why should you hold yourself accountable and take full responsibility for your life?
  • What you can gain from sacrificing three to four months of your life to instill some discipline. 
  • Some of the many ways you can positively impact your life while also feeling good.

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