EP 223 – Gender, Public Education and Leading Your Family

Are you aware of the indoctrination that’s happening in our schools?

Zach and Jason are very concerned about all the craziness in our society, particularly regarding the grooming of our children. In this exciting episode, they get into some prominent concerns essential for us to call attention to as fathers. They dive into a trend in the education system, the influence of the current narrative on our children, and the importance of understanding the difference between exposure and manipulation. 

This episode is one you will not want to miss if you’re a dad looking to lead your family in the best possible way and want your children to grow up to be good human beings, productive members of society, and live up to their fullest potential. 

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Show highlights:

  • Why are the things we need to know to thrive in the world not taught to us?
  • How are children being indoctrinated in schools?
  • Why are so many people from a poor talent pool signing up to be teachers today?
  • Why does Zach feels that many people today are so open-minded that they are closed-minded?
  • Everyone has the right to be whatever they want and express themselves however they choose. But nobody should try to force their views or values on other people’s children.
  • The influence of the current narrative on adults and children.
  • How social media influences young people to think they are allies and doing something for a cause when, in reality, they are not.
  • How are people being misled by virtue signaling?
  • The importance of understanding the difference between necessary exposure to different types of people and manipulation.
  • How to guide your kids if they express a desire to change their gender.

Books mentioned:

Covid-19: The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret

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