EP 226 – How to Develop a Desire for Constant Growth with Sean Shahkarami

Welcome Sean Shahkarami! 

Sean is a business owner and an avid golfer. He met Jason online and worked with him when he had Dad Bod Health. 

Several years ago, Jason and Sean agreed that when Sean achieved his goal weight and managed to smash 200-yard drives, he would come onto the podcast to add value to listeners’ lives!

Sean will inspire you and make you think because he has developed a constant hunger for growth! In this episode, he talks about the progress he has made and the man he has become and shares some of the actionable steps and strategies he has been using on his journey toward health and fitness. 

You’re sure to gain a lot from today’s podcast! You will not want to miss it if you are a man looking to move forward in life, live up to your fullest potential, and become the best dad you can possibly be! Stay tuned for more!   

Show highlights:

  • The difference between making New Year’s resolutions and setting goals for yourself.
  • How Sean learned that all change starts in the mind.
  • How Sean’s fitness training and mental fortitude allowed him to become successful and earn more money than he ever thought he would. 
  • Sean explains why he does not make excuses.
  • The power of investing in yourself. 
  • Why do you need to show up and keep on getting better every day?
  • The importance of getting to know yourself.
  • The value of journaling and meditation.
  • The benefits of having hobbies.
  • Why is it okay to want more money?
  • The benefits of forced adversity. 
  • What drives a man’s happiness?
  • What you will gain from cutting whatever sucks your time, drains your energy, and causes you anguish. (Like spending too much time watching sports and entertainment.)
  • Why do you need to keep on stepping up and raising your standards?

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Books mentioned:

The Clutch Golfer Formula by Eric jones and Dr. Glen Albaugh (Amazon)

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