EP 227 – Meds and Weight Loss Surgery for Teens

Are you aware of where America is currently at regarding health? 

Someone in the health and fitness realm with a big following on Twitter recently co-tweeted an article that was written by CBS News, promoting the aggressive use of meds and surgery over diet and exercise for US children struggling with obesity. If we look back about a year and a half ago, McDonald's was offering Big Macs in exchange for having the jab – in the name of health! 

Jason feels those articles truly epitomize where America is at as a country when it comes to health. In this episode, he and Zach hash things out and dive into the underlying root cause they believe to be the real reason behind those ideas getting pushed.  

You will not want to miss this episode if you are a man looking to level up, get better, and lead your family in the best way possible. Stay tuned to hear more!

Show highlights:

  • Jason dives into the reason he believes is behind meds and surgery getting promoted for obese kids.
  • Why Zach believes the pharmaceutical industry is trying to groom the younger generation into believing that sweeping the dirt under the rug is the solution to their problems.
  • Why must we take personal responsibility for our health and the health of our children?
  • Why do dads have to set the tone for the family and lay the foundation for the kids?
  • How can you avoid being a sideline dad?
  • What can you do to get your kids to respect and love you?
  • How to set your children up for the best chance of success in the future.
  • What does it mean if you get offended by an ad?

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