EP 230 – Bringing Men Together to Create a Better Life with Scott Rammage

Do you believe men must always be strong and perfect and keep everything inside?

Scott Rammage is our special guest for today’s podcast! His values around leadership and fatherhood align very closely with those of the Fatherhood Experience! He is a business owner and podcast host who also has multiple other things going on right now. His current passion project is his podcast and helping men get better. He joins Jason and Zach today to dive into how masculinity is under attack and what he is doing to bring men together, help them get fitter, healthier, and stronger, improve their finances, and become better husbands and fathers.

You will definitely not want to miss today’s conversation if you’re a man looking to improve in every area of your life, become the best possible version of yourself, and lead by example! Stay tuned for more!

Show highlights:

  • How Scott’s in-person events have helped him realize his vision of bringing men together.
  • Why do men need community?
  • What men are getting programmed to believe about themselves.
  • How has a broken mentality led many men in our country to a mental health crisis?
  • How men are designed to be leaders and protectors.
  • Women find it sexy when men are strong, protective, and resolute about their decisions!
  • Why do men have a moral and ethical obligation to lead by example?
  • The truth behind giving and taking offense, being accountable, and taking full responsibility for your life.
  • Why values are foundational to living a successful life.
  • Why one bad moment does not have to define your entire day.
  • Scott tells a story about buffalo to illustrate the power of leadership.
  • What masculinity is, and why men must strive to be as masculine as possible.

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Atomic Habits by James Clear

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