EP 231 – Trust in Public Health

It is sad to live in a world where we can no longer trust what we hear in the media and news outlets because they are all biased and pushing a specific agenda.

Since the pandemic, we have been told to trust the science. Unfortunately, many of those who said that are no longer with us today because they were ignorant, lacked critical thinking skills, and did not know how to interpret scientific literature. As a result, many Americans have lost confidence in the entire public health system and the medical field.

Today, Zach and Jason dive into the truth behind what is happening with public health. They talk about the lack of trust in the medical field and how treatments and medications get set up to make tons of money for big pharma.

This episode will make you think and add value to your life! You will not want to miss it if you’re a man looking to prioritize your health and lead your family in the best way possible.

Stay tuned to learn why it is essential to hone your critical thinking skills!

Show highlights:

  • How the pandemic led to many Americans losing trust in the public health system.
  • What’s happening to news reporting due to the lack of trustworthy news journalism?
  • Why Jason feels that people are losing trust in the medical field.
  • Some fishy sports injury cover-ups made Jason suspicious about what was going on.
  • How do doctors and teachers get manipulated to push agendas?
  • How conflict gets created between clinicians’ moral and ethical obligations and what the industry is telling them to do.
  • Zach shares something questionable he has noticed about some doctors.
  • How the lack of solid information has led to a lack of trust.
  • Why do some doctors recklessly prescribe statins even though they could potentially be dangerous for some people?
  • It is essential to ask your doctor questions about the medications and treatments they prescribe for you.
  • Why do most American doctors know so little about nutrition and weight loss?

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