EP 234 – America First and Your Family

Are you in the loop with what is happening in the world today and all the crazy things going on in our country?

Jason and Zach are both dads. So they feel it is their priority to spread awareness to other dads, keep them up-to-date with current events, and help them understand what that means for them as fathers.

Today, they dive into what it means to be America first. They look at the current landscape and jam about what is happening in the world and our country. They speak their minds, share their logic, and offer their perspectives on the global situation and what they feel is best for this country based on their research and experiences.

Ultimately, whatever goes on in the world will impact all of us. So as a dad, you must keep abreast of things to give your kids the best and most solid foundation.

You will not want to miss this show if you’re a man looking to get better, move forward in life, and lead your family in the best way possible. Tune in to learn more!

Show highlights:

  • Why Jason believes our country is on the brink of cultural collapse.
  • Why have we been involved in so many wars? (Since we won our freedom as a country in 1776, there have only been 15 years where we have not been at war.)
  • How has the media been trying to create racial and cultural wars?
  • What do we need to do as fathers to protect our children?
  • Why does society keep going in the wrong direction?
  • How the thoughts of our children are being manipulated.
  • Why conspiracy theories are no longer theories.
  • The role social media plays in cultural manipulation and the demoralization of society.
  • Why dads need to speak up and take a stand for what their children get taught.
  • The truth about TikTok algorithms.
  • What can we do as fathers to fight demoralization in our society?
  • The importance of leading by example as a father.

Book mentioned:

Covid-19: The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret

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