EP 237 – Brutal Honesty & Extreme Ownership

Getting stuck happens. But staying stuck is a choice.

Zach and Jason’s lives are no different from anyone else’s. Yet, they are happy with how they feel, how they look, and with their health. They want you to know that that is achievable, and you can have it too- as soon you stop making excuses and begin to take full responsibility for your life. 

Anything worth doing in life is hard. This episode is about discipline, being an adult, and doing what you need to do whether you like it or not. Jason and Zach are sick of excuses and hate seeing guys struggling. So today, they dive into excuse-making and unpack how to get through the challenges and take ownership of your life while also ensuring you do everything you have to do.

This episode may ruffle some feathers, but sometimes, tough love is necessary. You will not want to miss it if you’re a man looking to get better, feel better, and become the ultimate leader in your life. Stay tuned to learn how to get brutally honest with yourself, get out of your own way, and develop a lifestyle that works best for you. 

Show highlights:

  • Why do some people get stuck and then stay stuck?
  • What you are actually doing when you make excuses.
  • Where many guys tend to go wrong.
  • How to ensure that you achieve your fitness goals.
  • How to create a lifestyle that works for you.
  • How to set realistic fitness expectations.
  • How to change your habits to achieve permanent weight loss.
  • Why are the guys in the Fatherhood so successful?
  • What’s the difference between the mentality of a child and that of an adult?
  • Why wisdom does not always go along with getting older.
  • Why it is essential to take full responsibility for your inactions as well as your actions.
  • How to build momentum in the right direction.

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