EP 238 – Q&S: Workout Compliance, Getting Family Buy In for Health and Hard Conversations About Gender Fluidity

We have another Q and S segment today! 

In this episode, Jason and Zach dive into three questions that were submitted by listeners. They draw on their understanding and experience to provide the best possible solutions to maintaining workout compliance, getting a reluctant family to buy in on a health journey, and handling challenging conversations with kids about gender fluidity.

You will not want to miss this show if you’re a man looking to get better, level up in life, and lead your family by example! Stay tuned to hear the solutions Zach and Jason offer to help the listeners solve their problems!

Show highlights:

  • A listener wants to know how many workouts he needs to do to progress.
  • Why is it essential to exercise consistently?
  • Jason discusses what he does to hold himself accountable to the standard he set for himself.
  • How do you maintain workout compliance?
  • An overweight listener recently started a health journey, but his wife and kids don’t want to exercise or eat healthy food. He asks for suggestions to help get his family on board.
  • What do you (and your family) stand to gain from investing in your health?
  • Why must you choose your set of challenges in life?
  • How to lead a family by example.
  • A father of two wants to know how to handle difficult conversations with his kids about things they see at school.
  • Why bullying happens.
  • How Jason deals with questions from his kids about gender fluidity.

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