EP 241 – The Truth About Obesity, Genetics and Sleep

Are you overweight and not getting enough good-quality sleep at night? If so, what are you doing to fix things?

Getting a good night’s rest is essential! Especially when you’re struggling with obesity because high-quality sleep is the catalyst that drives everything you do! If you are overweight and not staying on top of your personal development and everything else you must do to look after yourself, it will not be long before you find yourself on a downward spiral where everything begins to unravel!

Today, Jason and Zach explain why men need to step up and change the generational trends for their families. They look at the inverse relationship that so many men have with sleep and nutrition, dive into a hot topic that recently caused a big commotion in the news, and discuss issues with big pharma and the medical system. 

Today’s show will get you thinking! You will not want to miss it if you'd like to develop elite habits, raise your standards as a father, and lead your family by example. Stay tuned to hear the cold, hard truth about weight loss and overcoming obesity!

Show highlights:

  • Why is it essential to keep going to the gym and working out when you're not getting enough sleep?
  • What are elite habits?
  • Jason dives into the controversy surrounding a recent post from a renowned obesity expert, claiming that obesity should be recognized and treated as a disease.
  • Zach explains why it is dangerous for our country when an expert claims that obesity is all about genetics and that lifestyle and willpower have nothing to do with it. 
  • What happens when the obesity issue does not get addressed at its root?
  • Why do people with fat parents also tend to be fat?
  • Why are the doctors who do not tie themselves to the medical system and big pharma becoming increasingly popular?
  • Why do obese people become better consumers?
  • How we, as men, have the opportunity to change the generational trends for our families.  
  • Why do men who raised their standards naturally inspire others to do the same?
  • When is it in your best interests to start looking for a new doctor?  

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