EP 244 – Showing Our Kids How to Rise Up

Are you ready to rise above the rest? 

In a world filled with chaos and mediocrity, it is time to separate yourself from the crowd and make a statement in 2023! Jason and Zach are here today to break it down for you. Despite the whirlwind of moving and impending fatherhood, they continue to show up because they know the value of pushing themselves to the next level. They are not doing it just for themselves but for you, the listeners, too! Because they know you deserve the motivation and inspiration to become more than just average!

It is about raising your standards, leading by example, and showing your children what it means to stand out. That may seem daunting, but it is easier than you think. All you need to do is exercise, eat right, prioritize sleep, and focus on meaningful work, and by doing those simple things, you will already be miles ahead of the rest. 

If you refuse to settle for average, raise your standards, prioritize your health, and focus on meaningful work, you can become the role model your children need! Tune in now to learn how to break free from societal norms, create a brighter future for your family, and show the world what it truly means to be exceptional in this sea of mediocrity!

Show highlights:

  • How societal standards have been dropping over time.
  • Why do the government, big food, and big pharma love obese people?
  • Why is there no meritocracy when it comes to fitness?
  • Why are some doctors saying that it's about genetics, not the calories?
  • Why are you letting your kids down if you fail to get your act together?
  • Why is it your duty as a father to walk the path less traveled?
  • The importance of changing generational trends for yourself and your family.
  • Why leading by example is the only way.
  • The only way to change the future trajectory of your family is to change your own life.

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