EP 247 – Believing in Yourself and the Bully Proof System with Rich Grogan

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary episode because we have a true force of inspiration joining us today!

Master Rich Grogan is a man whose expertise and passion have transformed the lives of countless individuals! He is a powerhouse of inspiration, resilience, and empowerment and the indomitable founder of Grogan’s Bully Proof System and the Warrior Confidence brand! 

With a profound background as a self-empowerment coach, Bully Proof expert, best-selling author, and sixth-degree black belt, Master Grogan possesses an awe-inspiring wealth of knowledge from his 40 years of martial arts experience. His dedication to teaching, coaching, and empowering both children and adults over the past 35 years has instilled hope, faith, and warrior confidence within them. By guiding them to believe in themselves and providing unwavering support in the face of challenges, struggles, fears, and bullies, Master Grogan equips his students with the mindset and positive attitude needed to triumph over adversity. 

As the host of the esteemed Building Warrior Competence podcast and YouTube channel, a certified Ziggler speaker, trainer, coach, and a devoted Christian father and husband, Master Grogan embodies the true essence of a warrior both in and out of the dojo! 

You will not want to miss this episode if you’re a man looking to level up to become the most elite version of yourself and the best dad possible! Tune in to be empowered, motivated, and inspired by Master Rich Grogan‘s Bully Proof System and his incredible insights and wisdom!

Show highlights:

  • How Rich got into martial arts.
  • How Rich defended his freedom amidst the harassment he experienced at his martial arts academy during the pandemic.
  • The importance of standing up for what is right and protecting those in need.
  • A comparison between Nazi Germany and Covid-19.
  • Rich talks about being bullied as a kid.
  • How the CDC is dumbing down our standards.
  • Why it is essential to empower kids to believe in themselves.
  • Why is it critical to lead by example and spend quality time with your kids?
  • Rich talks about his bestselling book, Becoming BulletProof. 
  • Where bullying stems from, and how to help kids get over it.
  • Why is communication so critical?

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