EP 250 – Get Ahead By Failing Forward with Jim Harshaw

Get ready for an incredible episode because we have a fantastic guest joining us today! 

The extraordinary Jim Harshaw is an NCAA Division I All-American athlete, an internationally-recognized TEDx speaker, and a personal performance coach. His impact has reverberated across the globe, as he has empowered and transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals by unlocking their resilience, unleashing their potential, and fostering high-performing teams. 

Jim's message is all about encouraging people to adopt a mentality of failing forward. He understands that life is not a constant stream of positivity, and that acknowledging failure is a crucial step toward personal and professional development. While it may be easier to perceive successful individuals as having an easier path, Jim reminds us that everyone faces failures and setbacks. By accepting that reality and learning from our failures, we can overcome self-doubt and achieve our goals!

Buckle up because this conversation promises to be an explosive synergy of knowledge and inspiration, and you are about to receive a massive dose of value! Stay tuned to learn how to embrace your failures and leverage them to find success!

Show highlights:

  • Jim shares his journey.
  • Why failure is a crucial part of the process.
  • How to find success through failure.
  • What to do when you fail.
  • The importance of men’s groups. 
  • Why it is essential to look at the whole picture.
  • The need for self-evaluation and self-assessment.
  • Why time is our most valuable asset.
  • The role of a coach.
  • Why the ultimate goal should be to change your identity.

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