EP 251 – Celebrating Our Great Nation

Brace yourself for an episode that will surely stir the embers of patriotism in your heart!  

As we march towards Independence Day, our minds are ablaze with pride in our country, its heritage, and the freedom coursing through its veins!  

In celebration of the 4th of July, Zach and Jason dive deep into the realm of pride- not only in our beloved country but also within ourselves! In this episode, they embark on an enthralling journey of introspection, sharing what it means to be free and what it takes to raise our children in a land that epitomizes liberty. 

You will certainly not want to miss today’s impassioned discussion if you are a man looking to lead your family in the best way possible! Join us as Jason and Zach unravel the essence of freedom, discuss its profound significance for fathers, and delve deep into the concept of liberty to understand why it is the cornerstone of greatness and ensure our next generation surges towards a future defined by limitless possibilities.

Buckle up for a riveting exploration of pride and freedom that will leave you inspired, enlightened, and brimming with love for this great nation!

Show highlights:

  • Why the 4th of July needs more recognition.
  • The root cause of the current obesity rate in this country.
  • What does the 4th of July actually mean?
  • How many Americans take their freedom for granted.
  • A word of advice for young adults.
  • Why America is the greatest country on earth.
  • Looking at the public education system and politics.
  • Why should you be thankful for America?
  • Jason dives into the cultural shift in America.
  • How the culture of meritocracy has led people to accept being overweight.
  • The problem with living reactively.
  • What does freedom truly mean?

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