EP 253 – Sneak Peak into Fatherhood Class on Family Core Values

Get ready for an extraordinary show! 

Jason is your brief host for today while enjoying a family vacation on the Texas coast! Meanwhile, Zach continues to revel in embracing the joys of fatherhood with his brand-new baby girl! 

Despite their schedules not aligning this week, Jason and Zach have prepared something exceptional for you! They offer a sneak peek into one of their recent fatherhood classes, exclusively designed for private clients! 

This session delves into the profound significance of creating family core values and raising the standards as fathers, recognizing that it all begins with us as dads! When we elevate our own standards, we also ignite a spark that inspires others to do the same. So the focus today is not solely on becoming better dads but on initiating a cultural shift across the country! 

With the expert guidance of Jason and Zach, you will gain immense value while encouraging those around you to take action and make massive moves to crush it throughout the week! So, fasten your seatbelt, take out your notepad, and prepare to soak up the wisdom of this episode!

Show highlights:

  • How core values shape the identity of a family.
  • Why you should always do what is right rather than what is easy.
  • Practicing gratitude and humility.
  • Why should you dedicate yourself to winning instead of just having fun?
  • Why are the only limits that exist those which you create?
  • Why it is about action, not perfection.
  • The power of community.
  • Keeping an open loop of communication with kids.
  • The importance of honesty, integrity, and faith. 
  • Why are family core values essential in marriage.
  • How to instill core values in your kids.
  • Standing up for others and being a bully watcher.
  • Why must you have specific goals?

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