EP 255 – Breaking Down Obesity

Brace yourself because we have a life-changing episode in store for you! 

This episode is not your typical run-of-the-mill show. Today, Zach and Jason extend an earnest plea for your assistance. They invite you to become the hero of your story and join forces with them as they embark on a transformative mission to improve our country.

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to raise the bar alongside Jason and Zach as they plunge headfirst with unflinching honesty into the depths of their frustration with the health and fitness, and weight loss industries and reveal the hidden keys to unlocking your full potential. 

This episode is more than just a conversation. It is a catalyst for action in every corner of your life! Jason and Zach are leading the charge and counting on you to join their mission to seize the reins of change and raise our standards as Americans!

Stay tuned for a mind-bending journey that will stir you to the core of your being, challenge your perspective, and motivate you to change!

Show highlights:

  • Jason shares his frustration with many guys' attitudes toward getting better.
  • Why are most obese people prepared to stay just where they are?
  • Why are more than 70% of Americans over 20 overweight or obese?
  • Marketing in a nutshell. 
  • The guilt by association effect of fast food.
  • The problem with the push toward healthy at every size. 
  • How America is becoming a nation of consumers. 
  • The cultural problem that American society is facing.
  • How people get stuck in their own algorithms.
  • Why are you part of the problem if you choose to stay stuck?
  • Why there is no excuse for not getting better.

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