EP 30 – Ego, Fears, and Confidence with Tony Whatley

In this episode, Jason interviews Tony Whatley who is known as the Side Hustle Millionaire and an author of the same title, which became the No.1 Bestseller in Amazon. He is an active entrepreneur and has led a successful corporate career for over 25 years. Tony has made millions of profit handling side businesses, but his real passion is teaching entrepreneurs how to start, scale, and sell their businesses through his consulting brand 365 Driven.

Tony discusses his fitness journey and how fitness and health can affect your level of confidence. He shares with us his transition towards a healthier lifestyle and the power of getting rid of your ego. He emphasizes the drastic impact of the people you surround yourself with because we tend to become the 5 people we spend our most time with. He also reminds us that when you have confidence, you have more certainty. When you have certainty, you become someone people want to exemplify and follow. 

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