EP 34 – Doing Something Uncomfortable with Anthony Mendez

In this episode, Jason Priest interviews fitness professional Anthony Mendez. He is an athlete of Puma and Onnit, and he specializes in loaded and unloaded movement training. He is all about nourishing the mind, body and soul, and takes an overall lifestyle approach for his clients to achieve optimal results. He is an influencer in social media, where he uses his platform to work with others and create an impact in the community.

Anthony Mendez gives us advice on how to become a healthier individual, and how to support people the right way. He talks about the lifestyle changes necessary to help a person attain change little by little.

He reminds us that when it comes to nutrition, it’s all about balance. If you want to change to happen, you have to do something uncomfortable no matter how little it is. When you go out of your comfort zone and do something uncomfortable, it might just might lead to something great.

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