EP 38 – Getting Up, Being Genuine, and Running a Business with Zach Siegel

In this episode, Jason interviews Zach Siegel! He is a small business hero and a business funding advisor with Sprout Lending. He believes in helping others achieve what they want in life and he operates with the utmost transparency and integrity that the business industry has to offer. He also gives tips and advice on how to potentially start a business. 

Zach Seigel talks about the importance of going to the gym, eating healthy and getting up to do something. He shares with us what it takes to run a business and the importance of setting aside money for yourself, your health, and your fitness. 

When it comes to helping clients, he believes that being honest and genuine is the best way for him to help others find the best program for them. It’s important that he gives the best version of him for the best interest of the business owners. 


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