EP 42 – Failure, Fear and Focusing on Good Habits with William Shewfelt

In this episode, Jason interviews William Shewfelt! He is the author of The PE Diet, an actor, a host of Will to Win podcast and the Primal Body Community. He is also known for the portrayal of Brody, the red Power Ranger Ninja Steel, and a nominated favorite actor in the 2018 Kid’s Choice Awards.

William offers a strategic blend of cardio and explosive strength workout when it comes to health and fitness. He’s been into fitness since the age of 12 and got involved in Martial Arts as early as 5 years old. He shares with us some advice on facing failures, how to handle insecurities, as well as the importance of focusing on your goal. 

William talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with people who can help you grow and how to be fearless and unstoppable in life. 


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