EP 47 – 4 Core Pillars of Health: Nutrition


In this episode, Jason Priest talks about the third core pillar of health – nutrition! This is the third episode of the four core pillars of health. The 4 pillars of health include: sleep, stress management, nutrition, and fitness. 

Jason kicks off the episode urging listeners to take action now and not to let perfection get in the way of getting healthy. He talks about the compounding effect that happens when you consistently work toward living healthier; increased confidence and self-trust. Jason shares how to easily implement intermittent fasting and change your diet in a way that avoids cravings.


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THE podcast for men looking to improve their health and redefine their Dad Bods! This is a place for men to learn, grow and live the healthiest life possible. Join your host Jason Priest in fitting fitness into a busy Dad’s life.


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