Getting Healthy and Keeping Up With Your Kids

Yesterday I picked my son up early to go get his flu shot.

Crazy part is my entire household is under the weather and not our best.

When we got home he was extremely excited to show my wife his new Paw Patrol picture.

Once the excitement died down we started wrestling and chasing each other around.

I was quickly reminded that I’m a bit under the weather but was still able to keep up with him.

Like any 4 year old boy he loves to run around and act rambunctious.

Once we stopped I was a little out of breath due to this “crud” I’ve got going on.

But it made me think back to my days when I was 60 pounds overweight.

There would be zero chance I would be able to wrestle with him and chase him around which is sad.

These are basic things fathers and sons do all the time. I can’t imagine not doing them.

I think that has become a huge motivator for me in helping people get healthy.

It’s not just about higher energy levels and reducing their health risks.

But it’s about keeping up with your kids, leading by example and being around long term for your kids.

Getting the process started is obviously the hardest part but it is 100% worth it.

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