Here’s Why Home Health And Fitness Is Hitting You Where It Hurts

Typically, January is the biggest fitness boom of the year, with gyms, in particular, enjoying significant increases. This year, while fitness still seems to be a priority for many, it looks very different. Rather than heading to the gym, most of us are making do at home for our health and fitness.

On the surface, this can seem like a plus point but, as many of us are quickly finding, home workouts can hit a lot harder. Not only are injuries far more common here, but our exercise efforts here can leave our muscles smarting way more than they would otherwise. This can only make fitness harder, but it’s an issue you can overcome by considering the following reasons for it, and what you can do about them. 

A lack of expert advice

Gyms are filled with experts. From personal trainers to well-meaning gym buddies – people generally know what they’re doing in the house of fitness. By comparison, home health is all on you. 

Luckily, many gyms are moving their personal training and other classes online right now for long-distance guidance no matter where you are. Equally, something as simple as setting up regular Zoom meetings with your fitness friends means that you can enjoy their advice and avoid injuries at last. 

Equipment shortages

At the gym, equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. There are different machines for different capabilities, and all the guidance you need to know which is for you. At home, that’s rarely the case, with equipment, if any, being in short supply.

The good news is that this needn’t be an issue. After all, most of us head to the same gear each time we hit the gym anyway. With that in mind, think about where you go most, and how you can incorporate that into your home. It may be that home weight sets are plenty to keep you going right now, or perhaps you want to invest in something like a stationary bike to see you through. Either way, you can access equipment from home just as easily so long as you think about it and prioritize your needs. 

More regular exercise, maybe

While not the case for all of us, some fitness seekers are also finding that home workouts lead to more regular exercise. After all, there’s way less excuse not to get stuck in when you don’t have to drive downtown to do so. Sadly, while a positive on the surface, this, too, has contributed towards increasing physical struggles and injuries. 

Most notably, exercising too often can take a real strain on your muscles, especially if you aren’t warming up properly each time. To some extent, the aches you experience after each session will continue to improve as your body adjusts. Do note, though, that if you’re in extreme pain, it may well be because you need to take a few more days off between your efforts moving forward. 

Get these steps sorted, and home health could become the boost your fitness journey has been waiting for.

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