Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a huge gut? Learn how eating breakfast, not skipping it, can melt your belly.

Want to Lose Your Dad Bod? Eat Breakfast!

How Breakfast Affects a Father’s Physique

Fatherhood is often associated with weight gain. Men forgo exercise and healthy meals to care for children, work to support them, or both. Biology is to blame as well. As you age, your body produces less testosterone and more estrogen. This leads to fat gain around the torso and decreased energy. Life events and natural aging can cause obesity if men do not fight to stay healthy. So what is a dad to do for weight loss? One option is to stop skipping breakfast. People who eat the morning meal are more likely to make wise food choices throughout the day. A high-protein breakfast leaves you with long-lasting energy. Saturated fat, though once demonized, is now being shown to be healthy for us, and it is a building block of testosterone.

Changes You Can Make Today

For many people, the solution is enjoyable: eat! If you have been depriving yourself of breakfast in the name of weight management, diet no more. Meal prep is a great option for dads who feel too busy in the mornings to eat a meal. Casseroles, oatmeal bars, and yogurts with healthy toppings are easy to make before rushed mornings. Additionally, consider how your nights affect your mornings. Is your late-night TV habit making it hard for you to wake up early? Trading in screen time for earlier sleep has benefits beyond waking up early enough for breakfast. Not everyone is a breakfast fan. Some people do not care for typical breakfast foods like frozen waffles covered in syrup or biscuits with sugary jam. These foods are not good for your waistline at any time of the day anyway. Since prioritizing protein is essential in the morning, try having meat and veggies for breakfast. For people who prefer not to consume any food first thing in the morning, consider which you could enjoy more: forcing down a healthy breakfast or living with a dad bod. Eating an extra meal is mild compared to many other sacrifices we must make for health and fitness. In the process of kicking your father figure to the curb, eating breakfast is a great first step.